Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac Computer Setup, Troubleshooting, Training, Maintenance, Network Configuration and Security for Independent Professionals, Small Businesses, Families, and the Aging at Home Population


MacInGenius provides on-site services to those of you who: 

  • can't seem to get your Apple iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, or Mac Computer to do what you want,

  • would like to learn tips and tricks to get the most out of your iDevices,

  • want to make sure your software is always up-to-date,

  • want to keep them all protected and running at peak performance, and

  • need help buying the right devices/configurations to suit your needs.

I'm knowledgeable, fast, patient, and meticulous. I'm no Apple Genius®, but I am ingenious when it comes to making sure that your Apple devices work the way they're supposed to. I'm especially talented at getting them to play nice together and do what you expect and want them to do.

Most important, if I don't have the answer, I'll tell you and will only charge you for my time if you ask me to do the research to solve your problem.

Below are a few ways in which I've help my clients. I look forward to helping you. 

"I have several Apple devices - MacBook laptop, iPhone, iPad and an Apple TV. Stephen has helped me with: creating PowerPoints; screenshots; security issues - he recommended an amazingly easy application for me to manage all my passwords; printing issues; clean up of my hard drive and adding more memory; help setting up my Apple TV; managing my photos and moving them to various other programs; and myriad other questions and concerns. He has a gentle, humorous and very clear, accessible and reassuring teaching style. He's fun to work with, reliable and totally dedicated to understanding an issue and seeing it thru to it's conclusion - even if it means that he has to go learn something new to be helpful to me."

~ Mary-Anne M. – Arlington, MA

"Stephen knows how to communicate at MY level, whether high or low. He explains things well, fixes lots of fine points on my Apple devices, keeps them running smoothly and has even setup a Sonos system, tinkered with my wireless router, and diagnosed a TV problem. He freely admits if he does not have an answer. He's been very helpful with advice on purchases of high-tech equipment. Most important, it is great to have him on the other end of an email question when I get frustrated and it is FUN to work with him. So glad that I found him."

~ Nancy W. – Lincoln, MA

Stephen is a true professional and an extraordinarily pleasant individual to work with. He has brought an extremely reliable and high level of expertise to all of our MAC needs, inducing networking all of our devices, storage issues, secure backups, and upgrades. Our family runs the gamut from digital novice to being quite computer savvy and we have all found Stephen's insights to be instrumental in getting us to next appropriate level of IT competency and at very reasonable rates. I recommend Stephen without reservation!

~ Robert B. – Cambridge MA

"Stephen is patient, clear and wise -- he is the ideal instructor for someone like me who is "technically challenged" -- but also perfect for those more conversant with the technology."

~ Marilyn M. – Cambridge, MA

"If you are having trouble with your Mac, then Stephen is your guy. He successfully helped me solve hardware and software problems with my Mac. He also helped me with my iPhone. He was incredibly helpful, working through several unexpected glitches with patience and humor. He is trustworthy and explained everything clearly. He is a great resource, and I expect to call upon him again."

~ Dana A. - Arlington, MA

"I can't imagine you need any more references, but if you do ever need one, please feel free to contact me. I know you teach the mechanics of using the iPad, but lots of people can teach mechanics. Your patience and understanding what needed to be done was exactly what I was hoping for but wasn't sure I could get. The result with my sister has been to literally change her life, so I truly appreciate what you've done.”

~ Pat D. – Santa Rosa, CA

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